Anhui Aerospace&pma Health Technology Co., Ltd.
المنتجات الرئيسيةجرافين ساخن ، وسادات تسخين الجرافين ، ملابس تسخين الجرافين ، لوازم منزلية مسخنة من الجرافين ، منتجات علاج طبيعي مسخنة من الجرافين
Anhui Aerospace&PMA Health Tech. Co, Ltd.(Here in after referred to as"PMA Group"), established in 2006, is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D and application of graphene materials. Along with 10 years concentrated R&D and market practice, PMA Group has accumulated a large number of patented technologies in the field of graphene wave absorption shielding and graphene far-infrared heating. In 2017,we launched a series of graphene heating physiotherapyhealth products, covering graphene heating physiotherapyprotective gear, warm clothing, heating home productsand so on.In 2018, PMA Group has entered the field of new energy vehicle batteries and launched high-precision li-battery heating module series by graphene heating, becoming the largest domestic leader in the development, production and application of graphene heating films.At the beginning of 2019, PMA Group officially entered the field of graphene electric heating.